JCI Birmingham’s newest member, Ricky, shares his first event experiences

JCI Birmingham’s newest member, Ricky, shares his first event experiences

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As a brand new member to JCI I’d like to take a minute to share my experience of the first couple of events I have attended. 

I attended my very first JCI Birmingham event a couple of weeks ago at their New Members Evening located in the fantastic Vanta Space of BPP Birmingham in the city centre, expecting this to be another “free” networking event with a huge sales pitch at the end. Well that simply was not the case! What I found at JCI was an extremely rare case. No sales pitch and no pressure. 
Here for the first time in a long time I found myself in a room with highly motivated professional young people, everyone happy to be there and EVERYONE smiling 🙂

Like I said, an extremely rare case. I’m big on personal development and self improvement to be the best version of myself I can be, however, you are who you surround yourself with. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with so why not surround yourself with powerful, self motivated people? At JCI that’s what I found, so I became a member the very next day, and after receiving a very warm welcome from Kay Purser (JCI Birmingham President) was invited to attend my first event as a member. 

The first event was all about the brand that you set yourself and how you are seen by others, may it be personally or professionally. Kate Senter (JCI UK National President) presented some amazing training on this subject and really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. 

I’m so excited and honoured to a part of an organisation such as JCI and look forward to making new friends while learning new skills.

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Ricky Potter – JCI Birmingham member

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