JCI Birmingham members learn how to positively influence

JCI Birmingham members learn how to positively influence

February 26, 2014 1:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Wow! What an amazing session… That is probably the only way to describe it! 

On Thursday 20th February, Anderson Hirst of Selling Interactions graciously donated his time to help educate and advance the understanding of JCI Birmingham members and guests in the world of persuasion and influence. 

This was not your normal training session. Anderson clearly had a wealth of knowledge and an unbridled willingness to help and ensure that we all got involved. The session began with a quick one minute introduction from all attendees (with a little bit preparation and with varying degrees of success), with little understanding at how far this would take us.

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The session was very interactive and allowed for the free flowing of ideas and discussions to re-emphasise points that were being made. 

Throughout the session there were multiple opportunities for attendees to “take a risk”. But through the environment created and the engagement of all – it was a very comfortable and safe risk. One that every attendee embraced. It was through this involvement which made the session as good as it was.

The session flowed well and ended with some clear points to take away (sorry – don’t want to give it all away!), and it was clear that all those who attended enjoyed it. Personally I have become more aware and understand the processes behind decisions and actions – I still think it’ll take a little time before I know it all…but I’m looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt!

Thank you again Anderson and all attendees.


John Hayward – Personal Development Director


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