JCI Birmingham’s tribute to the world conference in Brazil

JCI Birmingham’s tribute to the world conference in Brazil

November 18, 2013 11:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What can I say really! In the words of Aerosmith “I don’t want to miss a meat”!

It’s a fantastic and almost whimsical place but not one to take a vegetarian too!
To begin with it’s set right next to the canal side of the Mailbox which is idyllically placed in order to be stuffed full of various assortments of meats! The staff were friendly and, as standard, Brazilian beer was consumed, with an impressive array of Brazilian based cocktails to accompany this. On arrival you are armed with three weapons, a plate, cutlery and a laminated red and green disc (which isn’t a coaster for your drink! We learnt this the hard way!)

So the first two are self explanatory so on to the laminated disk of joy… Both sides are donned with a Brazilian flag, of course, one is green and the other is red, which can only mean one thing… Meat and no more meat… So then when the card is on green you are bombarded with meat after glorious meat. Now I’m not really a salad man but when its served on a wooden boat which looks like it’s floating (well on blue lit up floor tiles) it’s hard to say no!
A good range of salad based goods including an incredibly delicious “port mayonnaise” which when it combines two of my favourite things I couldn’t say no and had indulge!

But back to the good part, the assortment of meat… So leave the card on green… And you have people lunging towards you armed with skewers of random meats with what can only be described as swords to cut said meat with! Just one after another over and over! By the time the third meat has turned up you’ve got too distracted and the first one has gone cold! Needless to say 15 meats or so later when your all sufficiently stuffed with a severe case of the meat sweats it’s time to turn your card over to red and throw in the towel. Absolutely brilliant place but not one for the faint hearted that’s for sure! The only thing that makes great food is great company and as I had both it made from a brilliant evening.

I highly recommend getting your own gang together a tackle the 15 meat challenge!



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